Paper Recycling Program: Over 240 recycled tons

Paper Recycling Program: Over 240 recycled tons

Laboratorios Bagó continues implementing its paper recycling and reutilization program aimed at promoting environmental awareness and resource optimization.

In its in-house campaign, it seeks to reduce this resource use to the minimum and to recycle all the paper used. 80% of eliminated paper and carton, both in production and administration, was recycled. Moreover, it is working hard to minimize paper use through training and other actions such as digitalization of the company’s operational management manuals and reutilization of materials, among other.

Responsible management of resources has a positive impact on the environment. Paper recycling reduces water consumption (one ton of recycled paper saves more than 30,000 liters) and energy consumption (manufacturing paper from recycled pulp requires 60% less energy than manufacturing paper from virgin cellulose), it contributes to forest preservation (one ton of recycled paper saves the life of 16 medium-size trees) and it diminishes waste overload.

This program has donated more than 240 tons to several recycling institutions so far, avoiding the cut-down of more than 4,000 trees for paper generation and the use of over 7 million liters of water.

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