New Book of Bagó Laboratories

New Book of Bagó Laboratories

Bagó Laboratories renews its commitment to Argentine culture and adds a new title to its Collection of books that seek to disseminate the values of our country. In the year that marks the 250th anniversary of his birth and the 200th anniversary of his death, “Un hombre y su Patria. Manuel Belgrano”, pays tribute to the figure of this Argentinean hero.

With a very complete and integrating historical research work, the book proposes a review of the most human aspect of the creator of our flag. Through the different looks of the book and the stories of the History, it shows us how Belgrano manifested himself through his actions and invites us to meet again as Argentinians in his figure.

With this new book, the Bagó Collection reaches 28 published titles and more than 121,000 printed copies distributed free of charge throughout the country. From March 2021, “Un hombre y su Patria, Manuel Belgrano” will be available for free at the Bagó Digital Library.

Just as at the beginning of the 19th century, men and women of history launched challenges to improve people’s quality of life, at Bagó Laboratories we work every day with the same objective. Today, more than ever, we renew our efforts to fulfill this purpose.

We invite you to click on the video and learn the words of Edgardo Vázquez, General Manager of Bagó Laboratories, about the challenge of continuing to promote and share the Argentine culture, our values and the identity of our country, and much information about the production of the book by the prestigious journalist Canela, the author Christian Kupchik, and the historian María Saénz Quesada.

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